Grant Davis

Grant Davis was born and raised in Pickaway County. He attended Teays Valley Local Schools and graduated from the Ohio State University, with a degree in political science. Grant began his career in the Ohio House of Representatives as a Senior Legislative Aide. He went on to start his own small business, specializing in public affairs. Recently, Grant served as a regional liaison for the Auditor of State’s office, where he oversaw the Southeast region. He worked closely with local governments as well as investigated potential corruption and fraud. Grant Davis was appointed Pickaway County Clerk of Courts on January 31, 2023.

The Clerk of Courts office plays a vital role in serving the interests of justice. This role includes:

  • Filing, docketing, indexing and preserving all court pleadings for civil, felony criminal and domestic relations cases.
  • Maintaining filings for the Fourth District Court of Appeals.
  • Collections of all revenue related to court costs, bonds, liens and forfeitures.


The Clerk of Courts has the authority to issue writs to carry out court orders including summons, subpoenas, warrants to arrest and sign the death warrant in capital murder cases.


The Clerk of Courts office is also responsible for the collection of millions of dollars annually of sales and use taxes in the Auto Title Division when issuing Certificates of Title to the residents of Ohio for their purchase of automobiles, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, motor/mobile homes and watercraft.