About the Clerk's Office

Pickaway County Clerk of Courts


The office of the Clerk is one of the oldest of public servants in existence.  The office can be traced back more than a thousand years in history.  In America, when early colonists arrived, the office of the Clerk was one of the first forms of government they established.  Through the years, clerks have become the hub of government, the direct link between the citizens and their government.  Very few offices in county service assist such a wide range of people.

In Ohio, the Clerk of the Common Pleas Court, which was established by State Constitution in 1802, serves the citizens, the legal community, and the Common Pleas Court.  The office was created by the state’s founders to be responsive to the public, mindful of the taxpayers, and independent of the court itself.  In 1851, under the State Constitution, the position became an elected position for a three year term and was extended to a four year term in 1936.  William Henry Harrison, ninth President of the United States was the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts when he was elected President in 1840.  The 1st Clerk of Courts in Pickaway county was James Denny in 1810.


Today, Grant Davis and his staff serves one of the fastest growing counties in the state.  The office is committed to quality customer service, technological improvements for more efficient service and being fiscally responsible.  We serve the public throughout the county; the legal offices are located in the Pickaway County Courthouse in downtown Circleville.


The functions of the Clerk of the Common Pleas Court is to satisfy more than 250 state statutes and court rules.  Among the responsibilities of the office are to: Provide public access to the records of the Common Pleas Court and the 4th District Court of Appeals; be the first stop in initiating any court action in civil, criminal or domestic relations court matters; collect and disburse court-ordered fees, fines, victim restitution in an expedient manner; receive, distribute and preserve official court documents; and be responsible for issuing and maintaining all motor vehicle and watercraft titles in Pickaway County.  The Clerk of Courts office is made up of the following departments: Administrative & Fiscal, Legal and Title.


The mission of the Pickaway County Clerk of Courts Office is to anticipate, meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. We vow to remain compliant with the law, promise to hold our fiduciary responsibility to the highest possible standard and pledge to honor the trust bestowed upon this office with the upmost integrity, pride and respect.