Title Department

Pickaway County Clerk of Courts

Vehicle / Boat Titles

Application for vehicle or watercraft titles may be obtained in any title office in the state. If the title is not already in the current owner's name, the vehicle must be titled within 30 days of the assignment date, or a $5.00 late fee will be assessed [ORC 4505.06(A)(6)].

To process a title for a new, out-of-state vehicle or watercraft: an application, odometer affidavit (except watercraft), Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO) and dealer invoice or purchase order are required at the time of titling.  All applicable fees and taxes will be applied.

For a used, out-of-state vehicle or watercraft, the requirements are: a properly assigned title including purchase price and mileage or registration (in a few cases) and bill of sale, an out-of-state vehicle inspection, and all applicable fees and taxes. When purchased from a dealer, a bill of sale is always required. The inspection may be done at a Deputy Registrar’s or new car dealer’s place of business. Neither, out of state inspections nor mileage is required for watercraft.

When financing or leasing an out-of-state vehicle, our “Lienholder's Request Form” must be completed and sent to the lending institution or leasing company, requesting the original title. Additionally, an out-of-state vehicle inspection and titling fees are required.

The rules for new Ohio residents also apply to current Ohio residents who are titling a vehicle or watercraft that has been purchased out-of-state.

Fees are payable by cash, certified or personal check, credit card/debit card or money order.  Customers who use a credit card/debit card as payment will be charged a non-refundable processing fee of $2.00 or 2.39 %, whichever is greater, by LexisNexis VitalChek, Network Inc.